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Flying Insect Killer

We are offering a powerful glue trap in the form of the Flying Insect Killer. As an Importer and Supplier of the Vectortrap T22 Flying Insect Killer, we provide a FDA compliant trap that can assist the HACCP monitoring, The Flying Insect Killer contain high-power Philips UV lights and a translucent cover as well as specially-engineered aluminium reflectors which can enhance in the intensity of the UV lights. This ensures that the Flying Insect Killer lures the flying insects in quick time.

Technical Specifications


UV Glue Board Fly Killer

BL lamps

T21: 2 x Philips Ultraviolet 36W

T22: 3 x Philips Ultraviolet 36W


220V, 60Hz


T21: 72 W

T22: 108 W


Indoor use


45 m2 - 66 m2


53 x 32 x 12 cm